Leaders in Leadership Search

Avery Associates has built its reputation for success by identifying, developing, and presenting a slate of strong candidates for client review. Over the years Avery executives have built strong relationships with clients and candidates, and we continue to expand our extensive candidate pool by being skilled at identifying new candidates.

The combined experience of our group, in specific areas of expertise, provides important insight into the search process and helps ensure a positive outcome for our clients. Your Avery executive will be “hands-on” throughout the search process, working with you to keep you informed.


Avery’s search process begins by developing both an understanding of your organization and the role of the position to be filled. Our professionals get to know the functions and workplace environment, its people, responsibilities, issues, and customers…and exactly how the position fits within the organization. Based on this knowledge, a job description is designed to define the assignment, and to find the best possible match for the job and for your organization. That fit comes from spending time up-front to understand the client organization and its concerns for the future.


Not only does Avery have a strong candidate pool from years of serving public and private sector organizations, it also understands the processes needed to determine a candidates potential and interest level in the position. Avery’s marketing approach is both directed and appealing in presenting our client’s opportunity in a positive fashion.


We get to know our candidates through careful evaluation of their resume, and a thorough interview process, which includes contacting the candidate’s references. Your Avery executive will conduct a series of face-to-face personal interviews with potential finalists. During these confidential interviews, each candidate is evaluated on experience, skills, management and interpersonal style, personality, and organizational “fit” based upon an interview format developed specifically to bring out direct and revealing answers from candidates.


To assist the client, the Avery search team prepares an extensive briefing report that presents the recommended finalists. Information includes: summary sheets of each candidate’s qualifications, candidate resumes and accomplishments, Avery’s assessment of interviews conducted with candidates’ references, and a comprehensive written assessment made by the Avery search team of the degree to which each finalist is a “match” for the position. Avery coordinates and schedules client interviews, provides any additional information that may be needed, and assists clients with interview preparation, if requested. The Avery search team will be present at the interviews to assist the client and observe each finalist during the process. In this way, your Avery team serves as a “bridge” between you and each finalist. It also enables the Avery team to evaluate its own performance and to provide meaningful feedback to runner-up candidates. Avery professionals maintain contact throughout the process, assess any issues that may affect closure or hiring, and notify candidates who are not selected.


Once a final selection has been made, Avery will serve as an intermediary to bring about agreement and facilitate closure, if requested. This may involve a variety of negotiations ranging from salary and benefits to relocation to job title and job responsibilities. Once the match is made, our exposure suggests that Avery, as a third party, is able to represent the client to the top finalist and vice versa without building any unnecessary tension between the two. Following client interviews, the Avery team will conduct any additional or final references, or, if requested, facilitate background checks through a specialist agency.


Because the success of the placement is of paramount importance, your Avery search team will follow up the hiring to evaluate the process and its results. In addition, Avery offers a one-year guarantee on its search results.