Trust Builders in Labor Relations

Labor Relations activities no longer need to be confrontational exercises designed to discourage cooperation, understanding, or the speedy settling of differences. Avery Associates takes a different approach.

For more than 25 years, Bill Avery has applied a cooperation-based, problem-solving approach to labor relations issues. Bill Avery says “we have had tremendous success guiding negotiating teams to work together to determine fair resolution of the issues, and to demonstrate respect and dignity for each other throughout the process.”

While strongly representing clients’ interests, Avery Associates uses the negotiations process as an opportunity to strengthen workplace relationships by bringing negotiation teams together to define and resolve differences fairly.

Successful use of its positive techniques has resulted in the firm’s developing effective and long-standing working relationships with employee organizations throughout California.

  • Avery Associates has represented clients for the full-range of labor relations and personnel issues:
  • Negotiations (as Chief Negotiator)
  • Representation in grievance and disciplinary matters
  • Impasse proceedings, including arbitration
  • Representation before the Public Employee Relations Board

New legislation will encourage even greater confrontational negotiations between public agency labor unions and management. Because your people must work well together every day, you cannot afford to have relationships undermined by a negotiations process focused on self-interest and obsolete confrontational techniques.

We think you’ll like our approach, and our results.